Acquapendente City Guide

Santa Vittoria Church Acquapendente

Acquapendente is a small town in the northern part of the province of Viterbo. It is located along the Via Cassia consular road and was an important settlement along the ancient pilgrimage route, the Via Francigena.

Acquapendente city guide

Tourist information

The name of the town in English would mean something to the tune of “Hanging Water” and derives from the many waterfalls that lead to the nearby river Paglia. The zip code for Acquapendente is 01021. The area code is 0763. The town has just under 6000 inhabitants. The tourist office is located in the Torre Julia de’ Jacopo, a tower that used to be a part of an ancient city gate.

Acquapendente by car

From Viterbo: You follow the SR2 around the Lago di Bolsena until you reach Acquapendente.

From Rome: You take the SS2bis in northern direction. After a while it changes into the SR2. The total distance is about 160 km.

From Siena: You follow the SR2 to the south. The total distance is about 150 kilometers.

Public transportation to Acquapendente

To/from Viterbo: The first bus from Viterbo (Riella/Piazza G. Bruno) leaves at 06:25 and the last one at 19:30. On Sundays, the first bus does not leave until 09:00. The first bus from Acquapendente leaves at 04.50 (06.20 on Sundays and holidays) and the last at 17.20 (17.40 on Sundays and holidays) hours.

To/from Rome: No direct bus.

To/from Siena: No direct bus.

What to see in Acquapendente

Torre Julia de' Jacopo Acquapendente
Torre Julia de’ Jacopo

There is unfortunately not much left of the original double ring of city walls. Nowadays the main attraction is the San Sepolcro Cathedral. The most beautiful historical buildings are the Palazzo Comunale, the Palazzo Vescovile (seat of the City Museum) and the Palazzo Viscontini.

The ceramics section of the city museum is on the top floor of the Torre Julia de’ Jacopo.

The Santa Vittoria Church is the oldest church of the city, while the San Francesco Church is one of the most impressive ones. Other churches of interest are the San Lorenzo Church, the Santa Caterina Church and the Sant’Agostino Church.

The two most interesting fountains of Acquapendente are the Fonte del Rigombo and the Fonte delle Rugarelle.

The main square is the Piazza Girolamo Fabrizio, with the Palazzo Comunale and several other interesting buildings.

Top 10 tourist attractions Acquapendente




Trevinano, of Etruscan origin, is located about 15 kilometers north of Acquapendente. Its main attractions are the castle and the Madonna della Quercia Church.

Torre Alfina

The main attraction of the Torre Alfina suburb the castle and the adjacent wood. Outside this suburb you can find the Flower Museum (Museo del Fiore).

A brief history of Acquapendente

The region was already inhabited at the time of the Etruscans, but the oldest document in which the city is mentioned dates back to the 10th century.

In the 13th century, Acquapendente was an important trading town.

When Pope Innocent X in 1649, after the war of Castro, deprived the Farnese family of control over this part of Lazio, the Bishop of Castro was moved to Acquapendente.

Acquapendente Festivals

  • 3rd Sunday in May: Festival of the Madonna del Fiore, culminating in the Pugnaloni procession, named for the pugnoni, sticks that farmers used when cleaning their plows. In the course of this event, large panels decorated with flowers in allegorical motifs are carried through the city center.
  • On June 13, a large candlelight procession is held in honor of Saint Antonio di Padova.

Acquapendente (province of Viterbo)

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