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Affile is located in the eastern part of the province of Rome. The town has only about 1500 inhabitants. Like many small towns in the area, the historic center is situated on the hilltop, while more modern constructions are located lower down. Tourist highlights are the San Pietro Church (6th century) and the Santa Maria Church (11th century).

All about Affile (City Guide)

Useful information


Town hall: Via Luigi Naddeo, 1. ZIP code: 00021. Phone: 0774. Inhabitants: Around 1,600. (The city does not have a tourist office.)

Public transportation: There is no railway station. From Rome, first take a Cotral bus (from the line B subway stop Ponte Mammolo) to Subiaco and then the bus to Fiuggi. Affile is the first stop. You can also take the train to Fiuggi and then continue by bus to Affile.

What to see in Affile

The oldest church in the city is St. Peter’s Church, built in the 5th century and consisting of a single nave. The Santa Maria Church was built in the 10th century and is decorated with 13th century frescoes. The bell tower of the medieval Santa Felicita Church dates from the 12th century. Some parts of the old fortress wall are still visible, along with some ruins of gates and bastions.

Santa Maria Church

Santa Maria Church Affile interior
Santa Maria Church

The Santa Maria Church is first mentioned in 1005, but its present outlook is the result of a reconstruction in the 13th century. The exterior is characterized by an austere brick facade. The rectangular interior consists of a single nave, divided into several spaces by arches. Fragments of 13th century frescoes depict various saints. Other, better preserved, paintings date from the 16th and 17th centuries.

A brief history of Affile

Affile is located in the eastern part of the province of Rome and the course of its history has followed that of most places in the region. Originally it was a settlement of a people called the Aequi, then (135 BC) a Roman colony, and finally the town became the property of the Abbey of Subiaco.

In the 5th century, Saint Benedict is said to have performed his first miracle here by healing a broken vase.

The oldest church in Affile, San Pietro Church, was built in the same century.

Between the 8th and 11th centuries, both the Lombards and the Turks invaded the area, causing much destruction.

Two centuries later, Pope Pasquale II gave the settlement to the Abbey of Subiaco. In 1456 this abbey, together with all its castles and other possessions, was given on loan to a number of so-called “commendatary abbots”. These were allowed to pocket the profits of the abbey, but could not influence religious life.

After this date, no significant events have taken place in the city.

By car from Affile to Rome

By car: From Rome follow the E80 (toll road) or the regional SR5 until Roviano and then the SR411 in southern direction.


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