African Museum Verona

The African Museum (Museo Africano) in Verona was founded in 1938. It is run by the Comboni Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The collection consists mostly of African musical instruments, furniture and games, brought to Verona by the missionaries of the order. There are also panels giving insight in the histories of various African countries.

African Museum Verona

Useful information

Address: Vicolo Pozzo, 1 – Verona. Phone: +39 0458092199. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 09.00 till 12.30 (Sundays and holidays: 14.00-18.00). Closed: Mondays. Admission: 3 Euros (reduction: 2 Euros). Free with the Verona Card. Reservations are obligatory.

History and description

African Museum Verona
African Museum

The collection of the African Museum, which was recently reorganized, is divided according to a number of different ages. Starting from birth, the exposition follows a person’s voyage through life, through the initiation, infancy and games, education and working life, to old age. Music is very important in African culture and is well-represented.

There is a special section about religions, both the original African ones and imported ones like Christianity and Islam.

Museo Africano, Verona

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