Agnano suburb Naples

Agnano is a suburb of Naples that is also partially located in the municipality of Pozzuoli. It is named after a now dead volcano. In Greek and Roman times, Agnano was best known for its hot springs. Ruins of the bathhouses can still be visited.

Agnano suburb Naples

Public transport Agnano

From the center of Naples there are several bus lines (C2, C6) that provide a connection to Agnano. The train to Bagnoli, followed by bus 5, takes you close to the Ippodromo.

What to see in Agnano suburb

Roman baths

The oldest parts of the above-mentioned ruins of the ancient Roman baths date back to the 4th century BC. The part that can be seen now is the fruit of a restoration ordered by Emperor Hadrian.

Cave of the Dog

The Grotta del Cane (“Cave of the Dog”) is an artificially created cave in the crater of the former volcano Agnano. It was abandoned for health reasons in 1930, but reopened after a restoration in 2001.

Astroni crater

Astroni crater Naples
Astroni crater

The Astroni Crater (Cratere degli Astroni) is one of the larger craters in the Campi Flegrei region of which Agnano is a part. This crater, the youngest in the area with its 3600 years, has been declared a protected nature reserve. It can only be reached on foot (Entrance: Via Agnano agli Astroni, 468.)

Nightlife Agnano Naples district

Agnano is among the most important neighborhoods in terms of nightlife in Naples and some of the city’s larger and better-known nightclubs are housed there.

Horse racing

The Ippodromo di Agnano, opened in 1935, is one of the most famous horse racing tracks in the world. Its stands can host up to 16,000 spectators at a time. There is also a small museum attached. (Address: Via Raffaele Ruggiero, 1 – 80125 Napoli; phone: +39 081 7624161.)

Agnano district, Naples

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