Airport Verona-Villafranca

Airport Verona

There are two airports near Verona. Verona-Villafranca is located between the two cities it is named for. The distance to the town center of Verona itself is around 12 kilometres. The second airport, Verona-Boscomantico, is not important for tourists since it is only for recreational flights.

Verona-Villafranca Airport (Valerio Catullo)


The official name of the airport of Verona is Aeroporto Valerio Catullo. Originally, this was a military airport, but it is nowadays mainly used by budget airlines such as Ryan Air.

Verona Villafranca Airport
Verona-Villafranca Airport

Public transportation Verona Airport

There are several methods to reach the centre of Verona from the airport. The bus is cheapest, taxis are abviously quickest.

By Taxi

The taxi stand is located near the arrival hall exit. For the return trip you can call three different companies, Unione Radio Taxi (+39 045532666), Taxi e Autoblu (+39 0458581403) and Radiotaxi Catullo (+39 0452223525).

By Bus

The local public transportation company ATV provides a direct connection between the airport and Verona’s central railway station Porta Nuova. The journey takes around 15 minutes and the first buses from the station depart at 05.15 and 06.10. From that moment onward, until 20.50, there is a bus every 20 minutes. The last buses of the day are at 20.50, 21.30, 22.10 and 22.50.

The first buses from the airport to the station are at 05.35 and 06.30. The last ones are at 20.30, 21.10, 21.50, 22.30 and 23.10.

The tariff is 6 Euros for a single ticket. This ticket is valid for 75 minutes from the moment you use it and allows you to take a local bus from the station to the centre. The buses are equipped for disabled people.

Note that from mid June until mid September ATV also provides a direct bus connection between the airport and Lake Garda.

By train

There is no railway station at the airport

Own transportation and parking

You can reach the airport of Verona via the A4 or the A22. From Brescia you take the Sommacampagna exit and continue till you see the aeroporto signs. From the north you take the Verona Nord exit.

The airport has four different parking lots. The first 10 minutes are always free. The Stop & Go option is 3 Euros per hour for the first three hours and then gradually becomes cheaper. The parking lots are not guarded, so don’t leave any belongings inside your car. For more information you can call (+39 0458095656). The official airport website provides a complete list of tariffs.


Car rental in Verona

When the city of Verona itself is your final destination you don’t really need a car, since the centre is quite compact. If your final destination is Lake Garda, or you wish to visit other cities in the area, it might be a good idea to rent a car. Most main car rental companies have offices at the airport. The official website has a list of the phone numbers and hours of these offices.

First aid

You can find a 24/7 first aid desk in the Terminal 1 departure hall.

Lost and found

In case you arrive safely but your luggage doesn’t, there is a “Lost and found” in the arrival hall.


There is free wifi (@FreeLuna_CATULLO) at the airport.

Aeroporto Verona-Villafranca

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