Alberese Grosseto (suburb)

Located in the middle of the Maremma Nature Reserve, Alberese is a frazione (suburb) of Grosseto. The village itself has only just over a thousand inhabitants. Its main attraction is the Villa Granducale.

Alberese (suburb of Grosseto)


Near the suburb, and especially in that part known as Area dei Templi dello Scoglietto, remains of various civilisations, starting in prehistoric times, have been found. Etruscan and Roman ruins have also been found.

Nature reserve

However, the region is best known for its untouched nature, where herds of horses and the typical oxen of Maremma roam.

Villa Granducale di Alberese

Alberese’s biggest tourist attraction is a 15th-century complex that originally belonged to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. Right next door is the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate.

Other sights

  • Chiesa di Santa Maria
  • San Rabano Abbey
  • Romitorio dell’Uccellina
  • Uccellina Tower
  • Tower of Castel Marino
  • Collelungo Tower

Festivals Alberese

Rodeo: During August, Maremma cowboys demonstrate how they train horses and keep herds in line.