Allumiere city guide

Allumiere is a small town of four thousand inhabitants in the northwest corner of the province of Rome. It is named after the alluminum that was mined in its territory and was its main source of income. Attractions are the Palazzo Comunale (also seat of the Museo Civico) and the Chiesa Camerale.

Allumiere city guide

Tourist information

Town Hall: Piazza della Repubblica 39 (tel. +039 0766 96010). Postal code: 00051. Area code: 0766. Population: 4000. The town does not have a tourist office.

How to get to Allumiere by car/public tranportation

By car: From Rome, first take the E80 (toll road) or the SS1, better known as the Via Aurelia. At Civitavecchia turn onto the SP7b, which then becomes the SP8a.

Public transportation: Take the train to Civitavecchia and then a Cotral bus to Allumiere (on the line to Tolfa).

A brief history of Allumiere

Although traces of very old, Villanovan settlements have been found in the territory of Allumiere, the present town was not founded until 1462. This happened as a result of the discovery of alum in the area. The first dwellings were therefore intended for the miners and their families.

The proceeds from the exploitation of these mines went to the Apostolic Chamber. A big part of this money was used for Crusades.

Originally Allumiere was part of the municipality of Tolfa, but in 1826 it became an independent town.

In 1880, the factories for the processing of aluminum processing were moved to Civitavecchia. As a result, Allumiere fell into economic crisis.

Tourist attractions Allumiere


One of the most important settlements of the Villanovan culture is located on the territory of the city. Ruins from the Bronze Age and Roman period can also be seen.

The Aqueduct of Trajan has been preserved (for now, but is largely underground.

The Eremo della Trinità was built in the 6th century, on top of a Roman villa.

The Madonna delle Grazie Church is located in the middle of the Parco della Rimembranza and dates from 1650.

The Palazzo Camerale was built in the 16th century and is located in the center of the city. The church next door is the 17th century Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo Church, with beautiful frescoes and ornamental plasterwork.

Allumiere, province of Rome

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