Sant’Ansano Church Spoleto

The present version of the Sant’Ansano Church in Spoleto dates back to the 18th century. Since the road level had risen, it was constructed on top of an already existing church, which was transformed into the Crypt of Sant’Isacco.

Sant’Ansano Church Spoleto

Useful information

Sant'Ansano Church Spoleto, Crypt of Sant'Isacco
Crypt of Sant’Isacco

Address: Via Brignone, 11 – Spoleto. Phone: +39 0743 40305. Opening times: Unknown. Ticket price: Free.

History and description

The interior of the single nave Sant’Ansano Church dates back to the late 18th century, when it was reconstructed by Antonio Dotti.

However, its origins date back to the early-Christian period, when a church was built into an already existing Roman temple. Along the west wall of the church, architectural elements of the Roman construction are still visible.

This original church was later turned into the crypt of the present Sant’Ansano Church. This crypt is dedicated to Sant’Isacco, a Syrian monk, who had come to Spoleto around the beginning of the 6th century.

What to see

Archito Ricci da Urbino was responsible for the 17th century altar piece “Martyrdom of Sant’Ansano”.

Giovanni di Pietro, aka Lo Spagna, painted the “Madonna and Child with two saints” fresco in the chapel on the right, known as the Cappella dei Lombardi.

Crypt of Sant’Isacco

The crypt is decorated with 11th-12th century frescoes. These had earlier been removed, but were moved back to the crypt in 1971. The space consists of three naves, separated by columns with late medieval capitals.

Sant’Ansano Church Spoleto