Antrodoco travel guide

Antrodoco is a small town of fewer than three thousand inhabitants in the province of Rieti. It is located in the eastern part of the province, along the ancient consular road Via Salaria. The main attraction is the Santa Maria Extra Moenia Church.

Antrodoco travel guide

Tourist information

Region: Lazio. Province: Rieti. Postal code: 02013. Area code: 0746. Town hall: Via del Ponte, 8 (tel. +39 0746578185). Suburbs: Rocca di Corno, Rocca di Fondi.

By car/public transportation

By car: Antrodoco is located along the Via Salaria (SS4), which connects Rome to the Adriatic coast. The SS17 connects the city with L’Aquila. The distance to Rome is 102km, the distance to L’Aquila is 34km. Rieti is 23km away.

Public transportation: There is a railroad station on the line between Rieti and Sulmona. The Antrodoco-Borgo Velino station is exactly between these two towns, while the Stazione Centrale is near the historic center. There are also stops in the two boroughs. Cotral provides a bus service from Tiburtina station. The journey takes about 150 minutes, including a change in Rieti.

Tourist attractions

PIazza del Popolo Antrodoco
Piazza de Popolo

Most of the city’s attractions are located in and around the city’s main square, the Piazza del Popolo. Main churches are the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral and the Santa Maria Extra Moenia Church with the San Giovanni Baptistery . The latter is located outside the center and is a national monument. The former needed to be reconstructed after the earthquake of 1703. Its highlight is a processional cross of the 15th century in gilded silver.

A brief history of Antrodoco

In the high middle ages Antrodoco was a gastaldato of the Duchy of Spoleto. For a while, the city was property of the Abbey of Farfa.

The strategic position of Antrodoco often made it a target of neighboring cities. In 1231 the city managed to withstand an attack by Frederick II of Swabia, but in 1361 it was conquered by L’Aquila. In the course of the 15th century, the city was repeatedly attacked by neighboring Cittaducale.

After having been usurped by the Kingdom of Naples, Antrodoco was a feud of several aristocratic families in succession.

In 1799, French troops were ambushed in the gole, steep, as the narrow passages between steep cliffs in the area are called.

In 1821, Napolitan troops under Guglielmo Pepe underwent the same fate, by the hands of the Austrian army.

Antrodoco, Province of Rieti