Apollo Sosiano and Bellona Temples Rome

The ruins of the Temples of Sosiano and Bellona are located to the right of the Portico d’Ottavia in Rome. The first one dates back to the 5th, the latter to the 3rd century BC.

Apollo Sosiano and Bellona Temples Rome

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Temple of Apollo Sosiano Rome
The Temple of Apollo Sosiano in the center.

Address: Via del Teatro di Marcello – Rome. Rione: Campitelli.

Temple of Bellona

Not much is left of the Temple of Bellona.

Built in 296 BCE, the temple of Bellona had six columns on one side and eleven on the longer sides, with a staircase leading to the platform. It was constructed by Appio Claudio Cieco, after his troops had defeated the Etruscans.

The temple was often used for public functions. The Senate used to meet magistrates who had “imperium”, the power held by a citizen over a military or governmental entity”, but who were not allowed to cross the “pomerium”, a religious boundary around the city or Rome. Generals who had been victorious in battle were also received here.

When the war against Pyrrhus started, a colonna bellica (“column of war”) was placed in front of the temple. It is here that war was declared.

When excavations for the reconstruction of the Santa Rita Church were carried out in the 1930s, a portico consisting of a double row of pillars connected by half-round arches was found. This portico bordered the east and the north sides of the temple and was possibly part of the porticoes of the Foro Olitorio.

Temple of Apollo Sosiano

Apollo Sosiano Temple Rome (entablature)

The Temple of Apollo was constructed between 433 and 431 BC. The Sosiano part refers to a consul called Gaio Sosio, who had the temple completely renovated in 32 BC. He also had multiple works of art placed inside the temple.

The building stood on a huge podium. Semi-columns were placed against the walls of the cell.

The space was often used for meetings of the Senate.

Apollo Sosiano and Bellona Temples Rome

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