Appio Claudio District Rome (Q. XXV)

Appio Claudio is the 25th quartiere of Rome. The name comes from Appio Claudio Cieco, who had the Via Appia Antica and a number of aqueducts built. Romans themselves usually call Appio Claudio, together with the adjacent Don Bosco, Cinecittà .

Appio Claudio District Rome

History and description

Parco degli Acquedotti Rome
Parco degli Acquedotti

The district is in the north-eastern part of Rome, between the Via Tuscolana and the Via Appia Nuova. On its east side Appio Claudio is bordered by the Via delle Capannelle.

The bigger part of the neighborhood was built in the second half of the last century, with money from the Ina-Casa. This was an organization founded by the Italian state with the aim of building houses all over Italy.

In those days people from all over the country were living in huts underneath the Acquedotto Felice. This led to a lot of tension and petty crime in the area, a situation that did not get resolved until the 70’s.

Nowadays the area, which has completely been restored, is called the Parco degli Acquedotti (or the Parco di Via Lemonia). Ruins of several aqueducts (the Acquedotto Claudio, the Acqua Felice and the Acqua Marcia) can be seen here.

Appio Claudio District Rome map

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