Catacombs of Aproniano Rome

The Catacombs of Aproniano in Rome are probably named after the owner of the area and stem from the 4th century AD. Most of this catacomb cannot be visited because the precarious condition of the structure.

Catacombs of Aproniano Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via Latina 13. Opening hours and admission: The Catacomba di Aproniano can only be visited after a written request to the Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra.

History and description

The Catacomb of Aproniano consist of four different levels. The major part can however not be visited since there is a danger they might collapse.

The corridors on the second level are characterized by some cells supported by pillars made of tuff stone and embellished with stucco decorations.

Antonio Bosio, who was the one who found the catacombs, mentions wall-paintings, but unfortunately these have disappeared.

There was a vast burial place above ground, as well as a small basilica, dedicated to the 3rd century martyr Eugenia. The ruins of a building, connected to the catacombs by means of a staircase, are thought to be the ruins of the basilica in question.

Saint Eugenia‘s relics were later transported to the Chiesa dei Santi XII Apostoli.

Catacomba di Aproniano, Roma

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