Apuan Alps (Tuscany)

The Apuan Alps, a mountain range in the northern part of Tuscany, are located partly in the province of Lucca and partly in the province of Massa-Carrara. The main towns in the area are Carrara, Massa and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.

Apuan Alps Tuscany

Useful information

There are visitor centers in Equi Terme, Massa, Seravezza and La Bosa.

History and description

Marble pit Carrara (Apuan Alps)
A marble pit in Carrara

The Apuan Alps are best known because it is here that the famous marble is extracted, used over the centuries by artists such as Michelangelo and Canova to create their masterpieces.

The mountain range is actually part of the northern Apennines, but geologically, due to the finely crystalised limestone rocks, they are more like the Alps.

The name “Apuan” Alps, first said to have been used by the poet Boccaccio, owes the chain to the Apuans, a people originally from even more northern Liguria.

In 1985, a large area in the Apuan Alps was declared a natural park to protect a number of endemic animal and plant species.

Apart from the nature park, the main attraction is the Antro del Corchia (stalactite caves).

The southern border of the chain is formed by the River Serchio. The valley of this river is called the Garfagnana and is also a popular destination for tourists.

Apuan Alps, Tuscany

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