Arch of Drusus Spoleto

The Arch of Drusus is a monumental arch in a narrow alley in the center of Spoleto. Originally the entrance to the Roman Forum, it is now incorporated in a number of medieval buidings. The official name is Arco di Druso e Germanico.

Arch of Drusus Spoleto

Address and opening hours

Arch of Drusus Spoleto
Arch of Drusus

Address: Via Arco di Druso, 19 – Spoleto. The monument can be viewed from outside.

History and description

The Arch of Drusus is located in the alley connecting the Piazza del Mercato to the Piazza della Libertà. It consists of a single arch and is made of huge blocks of locally found limestone.

The Senate of Spoleto had commissioned the work in honour of Druso Minore and Germanico, son and grandson of emperor Tiberius. An inscription on the Piazza del Mercato side of the arch testifies that the arch was built right after Drusus‘ death in the year 23 AD.

Like the Ponte Sanguinario and various other monuments in Spoleto, in the course of the centuries the arch was gradually covered with earth. Finally, houses were even built on top.

One side of the Arch of Drusus rests on the ruins of a medieval temple, while the other is incorporated in a mediaval building. It is only sparsely decorated, with Corinthian capitals.

The Via dell’Arco di Druso runs where the Roman cardo maximus used to be.

Arch of Drusus, Spoleto

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