Arch of the Lilies Perugia

The Arch of the Lilies (Arco dei Gigli) is one of the five main gates in the Etruscan Wall of Perugia. It is also known as the Porta Sole.

Arch of the Lilies Perugia

Useful information

Address: Via Bontempi, snc – Perugia. The monument can be viewed from outside.

Arch of the Lilies Perugia
Arch of the Lilies

History and description

Although the Arco dei Gigli itself still rests on the original blocks made of Travertine marble, the pointed arch is the result of a reconstruction during the Middle Ages.

The right side of the facade on the outside still shows traces of the original Etruscan arch.

The Arco dei Gigli got its name from the lilies of the coat of arms of Pope Paul III Farnese, which adorn the underside of the arch.

Arch of the Lilies Perugia

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