Arch of San Pierino Florence

Arch of San Pierino Florence

The Arch of San Pierino is probably a remnant of Florence‘s old city wall. It is a fairly long passage between Piazza San Pier Maggiore and Via dell’Oriuolo. Until not too long ago, there used to be a small market under this arch.

Arch of San Pierino Florence

Opening hours and admission

Arco di San Pierino Florence
Arco di San Pierino

The Arco di San Pierino is accessible free of charge at any time of the day. It is located in the Borgo degli Albizi. The nearest bus stop is Salvemini (lines 14, 23, C1 and C2).

History and description

Arch of San Pierino Florence (Piazza San Pier Maggiore side)
Arch of San Pierino.

The San Pierino Arch is located on one of the city’s busiest squares, where pubs such as the Lion’s Fountain make it particularly lively in the evenings.

The passage mentioned above is called the Vault of San Pierino. This is where the eastern entrance gate to Florence‘s second city wall used to be located.

The loggia of the former San Pier Maggiore Church is part of the arch. The Arco di San Pierino was not originally an arch at all, but was in its entirety part of this church.

On July 27, 1784, the church was destroyed by order of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. The Grand Duke claimed that this was because the building was about to collapse, but it is thought that in reality it was really a move against the powerful Benedictine monks running the monastery. At the same time, he acquired the wealth of this monastery.

On top of the monument you can see some terraces. These belong to houses built on the upper part of the arch.

The name of the district where the arch is located was also San Pierino, which gives an indication of how powerful the monastery used to be.

Arch of San Pierino – Borgo degli Albizi, Florence

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