Archaeological Area of Gabii in Rome

The Archaeological area of Gabii is located along the Via Prenestina Nuova in Borghesiana, one of the outer districts of Rome.

Gabii Archaeological Area Rome

Useful information

Address: Via Prenestina Nuova, km 2, between Ponte di Nona and Valle Martella. – Rome. Phone: +39 06 2261887. Opening times: Only by appointment. Ticket price: Free. (Note that opening times and admission may be subject to change.)

Archeaological Area of Gabii Rome
Gabii Archeological Area

History and description

The ancient city of Gabii was located at the southern edge of the Castiglioni crater. Until the 19th century, this crater used to contain a lake, which was drained towards the end of the 19th century. It is now used as farm land. The street leading from Rome to Gabii used to be called Via Gabina.

At the time Rome was founded, Gabii was one of the main cities in the area, together with Tibur (Tivoli) and Praeneste (Palestrina). It owed this status to its position controlling access to the Valle del Sacco and the Valle dei Liri.

Gabii was completely abandoned in the 11th century. Many of its most important structures have been preserved below the current ground level. Since the area came to be used for agricultural purposes, no new structures have been built here.

Archaeological Area of Gabii, Rome

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