Arches of Severus Rome (Arcate Severiane)

The Arcate Severiane, or the Arches of Severus, are located on the Circus Maximus side of the Palatine Hill in Rome. They were constructed in order to support the Imperial Palace known as Domus Severiana.

Arches of Severus Rome

Useful information

The arches themselves can best be seen from the Circus Maximus. For the Domus Severiana, of which very little remains, you will need to enter the Palatine Hill.

Arches of Severus Rome
Arches of Severus seen from the Circus Maximus

History and description

The Arches of Seveerus are among the constructions commissioned by the Emperor Severus and are characterized by the simplicity of their structure.

They consist of two rows of vaulted structures, supported by pillars made of laterizio, a typical Roman brick, which is flatter and longer than ordinary bricks.

One of the functions of the arches was to in a way broaden the hill and thus create a support for an extension to the Imperial Palace.

Arches of Severus, Rome

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