Arco degli Argentari Rome

The Arco degli Argentari is an ancient monument that has been partly incorporated in the Chiesa di San Giorgio al Velabro in Rome. Its height is 6,15m and its width 3,3m.

Arco degli Argentari Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via del Velabro – Rome. Metro: Circo Massimo. Opening times: The monument is protected by a gate, but can be seen from outside.

History and description

Arco degli Argentari Rome
Arco degli Argentari

The Arco degli Argentari was built in the year 204 AD, commissioned by the community of money changers (argentari) and dealers in oxen. It was meant to honor the Emperor Settimio Severo and his family.

Arco degli Argentari Rome (interior relief right)
Septimius Severus and family

The Arco degli Argentari consists of two massive pilasters covered with marble supporting a marble architrave. The arch is embellished with reliefs and sculptures and there is also an inscription. The back is not decorated.

To the left and right sides of the inscription there are effigies of Hercules and of a ghost, while the reliefs on the inner side of the pilasters show Septimius Severus and his wife Giulia Domna in the act of bringing an offer to the Gods.

Arco degli Argentari Rome (interiori relief left)

The inside on the left shows a relief picturing Caracalla, with his wife, his brother and his father-in-law. After Caracalla had those dear people killed he had their names removed from both the Arco degli Argentari and the Arch of Septimius Severus in the Roman Forum.

Via del Velabro – Rome

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