Arco delle Campane Rome (Vatican City)

The Arco delle Campane is located to the left of the fa├žade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The space above the arch is the Loggia of Charlemagne.

Arco delle Campane Rome

History and Description

The Arco delle Campane (“Arch of the Bells”) is so named because it is located under the bell chamber of the basilica.

The arch is protected by the Swiss Guard, as one may enter it only with the permission of the Vatican authorities. It also forms the official entrance to the Vatican City and to the Vatican Gardens. Dignitaries visiting the Pope are ushered into the Vatican through this gate.

The loggia above the Arco delle Campane is called the Loggia of Charlemagne. Above this is the bell chamber and again above this is a huge clock.

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