Arco dei Tei Perugia

The Arco dei Tei is part of an ancient city wall located outside the Etruscan city limits of Perugia.

Arco dei Tei Perugia

Useful information

Arco dei Tei Perugia
Arco dei Tei

Address: Via Pinturicchio, 104, 06122 Perugia. The monument can be seen from outside.

History and description

The arch was probably built around the 12th or 13th century. In those days it used to be called the Porta Pesa.

The district itself is also called Porta Pesa. This name is due to the fact that from the 19th century onward those who wished to enter the city had to be pay a toll here.

The other arch in this wall is called the Arco di Santa Elisabetta and is located in the Porta Sant’Angelo neighborhood.

Arco dei Tei – Perugia

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