Arco di Gallieno Rome

The Arco di Gallieno, or the Arch of Gallienus, is a honorary arch for Emperor Gallieno and his wife Salonina and can be found in the Esquilino district of Rome.

Arco di Gallieno Rome

History and description

Arco di Gallieno Rome
From the inside.

The arch was not constructed especially for the emperor, however, since it used to simply be a gate in the former Mure Serviane (Servian Walls) and was called Porta Esquilina. The Servian Walls were the first defensive walls around Rome.

Arco di Gallieno Rome
Arco di Gallieno from the outside

The gate originally consisted of three arches, but the two outer ones were demolished during the Middle Ages in order to create space for normal buildings.

Address and public transport

The address of the Arco di Gallieno is Via di San Vito, snc – 00185 Rome. District: Esquilino. Public transport: The nearest bus stop is Carlo Alberto (lijn 71, 360, 649). Metro: Vittorio Emanuele (line A).

Via di San Vito – Rome

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