Arco de’ Tolomei Rome

The Arco de’ Tolomei in Rome is located between the Via de’ Tolomei and the Via dei Salumi and has existed since at least the year 1358. The complex it is part of was a property of the Tolomei family.

Arco de’ Tolomei Rome

Since the first owner of the property was a Roman family named De Bondiis, the arch was also known as the Arco de Bondiis.

The arch was restored in 1928, as the inscription Anno Sexto MDCCCCXVIII Ampl. et Rest. below the upper windows testifies.

The brickwork of the building to the right of the Arch of Tolomei is different. The reason is that this was originally the bottom part of the 8th century Torre de’ Tolomei. During the Middle Ages this tower used to be higher than the surrounding buildings. After the upper part was removed it has actually become lower than the adjacent dwellings.

Arco de’ Tolomei, Roma

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