Arco Vallaresso Padua

Arco Vallaresso Padua

The Arco Vallaresso in the Piazza Duomo in Padua was created in 1632 by Giovan Battista della Scala. Alvise Vallaresso was a Venetian prefect who reorganized Padua in order to deal with the plague epidemic of 1630. In the courtyard behind the arch you can see what is left of the ancient Palazzo Carrarese.

Arco Vallaresso Padua

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Piazza Duomo 14 – Padova. Opening hours and admission: The arch can be seen from outside.


Arco Vallaresso Paua
Arco Vallaresso

In 1630 a terrible plague epidemic hit Padua and nearly half of the inhabitants of the city lost their lives.

A Venetian magistrate called Alvise Vallaresso ordered the sick to be quarantined and the cemetery to be moved outside the city walls. He also had the city hospital itself reorganized.

Although the measures were decidedly unpopular, they had a positive effect. When Vallaresso was appointed the plague had already been killing the population for two years, but in less than a year after he was appointed the disease was defeated.

The city had this small version of triumphal arch built in Vallaresso‘s honor. Giambattista della Scala was responsible for its construction.

It is thought that, if not for Vallaresso, the present Padova might have ended up being no more than a small village.

The building next to the arch is the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà.

Arco Vallaresso – Piazza del Duomo, Padova

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