Landriana Gardens in Ardea

The Gardens of Landriana are seen as one of the most impressive gardens in Italy. They can be found in the Tor San Lorenzo frazione of the city of Ardea, about 35km south of Rome and were created in 1956.

Gardens of Landriana Ardea

Useful information

Landriana Gardens Ardea
Landriana Gardens

Address: Via Campo di Carne, 51 – Tor San Lorenzo (Landriana). Phone: +39 06 91014140 (information) o3 333 2266855 (mandatory bookings, also via whatsapp or sms). The only visit left for 2022 is on November, 1.

History and description

The 10 hectares of garden space were created by an English landscape designer named Russell Page and ordered by the owner of the site, the Marchesa Lavinia Taverna Gallarati Scotti. She and her husband, the Marquis Gallarati Scotti, had acquired the land when it was still completely barren. Initially the Marchesa herself tended to the plants, but when she realized more structure was needed Page was chosen to do this job.

Page divided the garden into 32 different “rooms” with specific characteristics, such as the valley of ancient roses, the orange garden, the blue lawn, etc.

The gardens have to be visited by means of a guided tour.

Every year there are two special festivals at the gardens, called Primavera della Landriana (“Spring at the Landriana”) and Autunno della Landriana (“Autumn at the Landriana”). Hundreds of stalls exhibit anything to do with gardening, from vases equipment to the more and less exotic plants themselves.

Landriana Gardens, Ardea

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