Assunta Church Palermo

The Assunta Church in Palermo was built in the first half of the 17th century. Highlights within the church are the frescoes in the rectory painted by Giacomo Serpotta.

Assunta Church Palermo

Address, opening times and admission

Address Chiesa dell’Assunta: Via Maqueda, 59 – 90133 Palermo. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Entrance fee: 2 Euros.

History and description

The Chiesa dell’Assunta was built between 1625 and 1628. The facade is made of square blocks of stone. The coat of arms on this facade belongs to the Moncada family.

Originally the church was intended as a chapel for the convent built in 1627. From 1633 it was the residence of Juana De La Cerda, wife of Antonio Aragona Moncada, Count of Montalto.

The interior is richly decorated with frescoes and ornamental plasterwork. Especially famous are the “Angels and Eternal Father” painted by Giacomo Serpotta in the presbytery. Giacomo’s brother Giuseppe and his son Procopio also contributed.

There is no agreement on who painted the vaults and the other walls. Some claim that it was Antonio Grano, others hold that Filippo Tancredi was the artist responsible.

The frescoes below the choir were painted by Guglielmo Borremans.

Chiesa dell’Assunta Palermo

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