Badia Tedalda travel guide

Badia Tedalda

Badia Tedalda is a small town in the mountains in the eastern part of Tuscany, almost on the border with the Marche region. The town began its existence as an abbey. The mountain range where it is located is called the Alpe della Luna.

Badia Tedalda travel guide

Useful information

Region: Tuscany. Province: Arezzo. Area code: 0575. Postal code: 52032. The address of the town hall is Piazza dei Tedaldi, 2 – 52032 Badia Tedalda (+39 0575714020). There is no tourist office. Badia does not have a railway station.

What to see in Badia Tedalda

Badia Tedalda
Badia Tedalda

Badia Tedalda has only a little over a thousand inhabitants, so one would not expect the town to need eight churches. Yet there are. The list below highlights the most beautiful of these houses of worship.

San Michele Arcangelo Church

This San Michele Arcangelo Church was built on the ruins of the old castle. Inside you can see a number of terracotta panels from the 16th century.

Sant’Arduino a Cicognaia Church

The Sant’Arduino a Cicognaia Church is located in the borough of Cicognaia. It was probably built in the 7th century on the ruins of a pagan temple. In the 13th century it was part of a group of castles controlled by the San Michele Arcangelo Abbey. The church was restored in the 16th century.

San Tommaso a Montebotolino Church

Located in historic center of the borough of Montebotolino, the San Tommaso a Montebotolino Church was the church of a castle owned by the noble Cattaneo di Montebotolino family. In the 13th century, this castle also came under the domination of the San Michele Arcangelo Abbey. Its bell tower was built on a pre-existing defensive tower. The main attraction of the church is a terracotta altarpiece depicting “The Infidelity of Saint Thomas” dating from the second half of the 16th century. The patron was one Gnognio di Salvatore di Montebotolino.

Madonna del Presale Church

The 12th century Madonna del Presale Church is located in the borough of Ponte Presale. It was built as part of a castle along the Marecchia River. Attached to the church is a small hermitage where pilgrims, as well as ordinary travelers, used to find shelter. The architrave under the portico of the church is decorated with sculpted figures. The avant-corps with two arches is typical of the churches in this mountainous region.

Santi Pietro and Paolo a Fresciano Church

According to a plaque on the facade, church built in 1603. The interior is graced by a terracotta (“Jesus hands the keys to St. Peter”) by Della Robbia.

Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie

The Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie is also located in the borough of Fresciano

Pieve di Santa Maria a Pratieghi

The Pieve di Santa Maria already existed in 1489. The interior consists of a single nave. The church underwent many changes in the course of the centuries. The floor was renovated at the beginning of the 21st century.

Ruins of the the Barucola Hermitage

The Eremo di Barucola is located in the borough of that name. Those who take the trouble to walk there can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

Santa Maria a Rofelle Church

The 12th century chiesa di Santa Maria a Rofelle stands in the borough of Rofelle used to be part of the castle of that name, and later of the San Michele Arcangelo Abbey. The castle itself was destroyed in the 14th century. The bell tower is an 1875 addition and the portico preceding the fa├žade dates from 1890. The two-story building next to the church used to be the Hermitage of the Servites of Mary.

A brief history of Badia Tedalda

Originally Badia Tedalda was a Benedictine monastery, controlling the Viamaggio Mountain Pass between the Val Teverina and the Marecchia.

Over the years the town changed hands many times, starting with the Byzantine period when it came under Ravenna until the end of the 15th century when Florence took control, having defeated the Viscontis from Milan at the Battle of Anghiari.

Today, the town has only just over one thousand inhabitants.


A small part of the town is not within the province of Arezzo, but forms an enclave in the province of Rimini.

How to get to Badia Tedalda by car

From Rome take the A1 motorway. From Orte take the E45 (direction Cesena), and at Sansepolcro sud exit at Strada regionale Marecchiese SR258. From Florence follow the A1 until Arezzo, then the SR73 towards Sansepolcro, then the SR258. From Bologna take the A14 (direction Ancona) until the exit Rimini Nord. From Santarcangelo follow the road to Novafeltria and the SR258.

Badia Tedalda

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