Bagnoli district Naples

Bagnoli is the name of one of the westernmost districts of Naples. Much of this district was occupied by the ILVA Steel Plant in 1907. Bagnoli is located behind the Posillipo district. The largest horse riding track of Italy is in this district, which is also known for its many nightclubs and for the Città della Scienza.

Bagnoli district Naples

History and description

North wharf pier Bagnoli Naples
The 900 meter long pier is the longest in Europe.

The name Bagnoli derives from the hot springs located there. It is located in a volcanic area known as the Campi Flegrei (Phlegreian Fields).

Steelworks Bagnoli Naples
The former steelworks.

When the ILVA factory was built here in 1907, the district lost a lot of its natural beauty.

This steelworks factory has since closed down. Part of the site has been, since 1996, the seat of the Città della Scienza (“City of Science”), where children and adults learn to discover the wonders of science through play.

Bagnoli district Naples, what to see

Città della Scienza

The Città della Scienza is a science museum, with sections including the human body, the sea and a Planetarium. There is also an interactive children’s museum. (Via Coroglio 104 – Naples, tel. +39 08137237), open Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Museo del Mare

The “Museum of the Sea” is housed in the Instituto Nautico. Apart from ancient books and other documentation, it displays naval models and nautical equipment.

Seiano Cave and Villa of Pausilyphon

The Grotta di Seiano is an ancient Roman cave dug out of the volcanic rock. The 770 meter cave leads to the Pausilyphon Archaeological Area.

Northern pier

The northern landing pier of the former steelworks was restored in 2006. During the restoration, it was converted into a walking pier stretching 900 meters into the Gulf of Pozzuoli.

Via Coroglio

From the highest point of Via Coroglio, one has a beautiful view of the northern suburbs of the city, as well as a number of islands.

Maria Santissima Desolata Church

The Maria Santissima Desolata Church is an early 20th century church (Via Amedeo Maiuri. Bus: C3, C5, C14; train: Bagnoli (Cumana)).

San Pasquale Baylon Church

San Pasquale Baylon Church (Via di Pozzuoli, 60, 80124 Bagnoli, tel. +39 0817620037).

Etruscan Museum “De Feis”

The Archaeological Etruscan Museum of Bagnoli has artifacts from both the Etruscan and the Samnite civilizations. The oldest objects on display date back to the 4th century BC.

Nisida island

The island of Nisida also officially belongs to the district of Bagnoli. However, the island is off-limits to visitors, as there is a youth prison there.

Bagnoli district, what to do

Agnano horse racing track

The largest horse riding track in Italy, the Ippodromo di Agnano, is located in Bagnoli. A number of important horse races are held here.

Terme di Agnano

The Terme di Agnano is a hot spring known since Roman times. The Baths themselves were constructed by the Emperor Hadrian, but the area also contains Greek ruins.

Astroni Nature Reserve

The Astroni Nature Reserve is a green area around the crater of an extinct volcano.

Night life

The area is characterized by a large number of nightclubs and pubs, both along the beach and more inland.

Neapolis Festival

The Neapolis Festival, a music festival that attracts big names, is held every year on the grounds of the former steelworks.

How to get to Bagnoli by public transport

From the center of Naples you can take metro line 2 and get off at either Bagnoli-Agnano or Cavalleggeri.

There is a direct railway connection from the center of Naples to Bagnoli. There are three different stops you can get off: Agnano, Bagnoli and Dazio. The train does not leave from Napoli centrale, but from the Montesanto station.

Bagnoli district, Naples

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