Baia Underwater Park Bacoli

One of the most unusual and interesting attractions in the province of Naples is the Parco Sommero “Underwater Park”) of Baia, a suburb of Bacoli.

Baia Underwater Park Bacoli

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Statue of Antonia Minore, Punta Epitaffio Nymphaeum, Baia sommersa, Bacoli
Statue of Antonia Minore at the Punta Epitaffio Nymphaeum

History and description

The phenomenon that caused the ancient Roman city of Baia to be submerged is called Bradyseism. This is the gradual uplift or descent of part of the Earth’s surface caused by the filling or emptying of an underground magma chamber.

The archaeological remains visible underwater include Roman villas and domuses, baths, columns, mosaics, sculpture groups and single statues.

The Parco Sommero di Baia was instituted in 2002 and became a protected area in 2007. The attractions consists of submerged ruins of an ancient Roman city, with multiple monuments and sculpture groups.

There are two ways to visit the site. Either you rent, or bring your own, scuba diving gear, or you visit the site on a boat with a transparent floor.

What to see

The Punta Epitaffio Nymphaeum dates back to the 1st century AD.

The Portus Julius was constructed in 37 BC, as a naval outpost.

The sculpture group depicting Ulysses and Polifemo, as described in the “Odyssey”.

The statue of the mother of Emperor Claudius.

Baia Underwater Park, Bacoli

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