Barriera San Giusto Tarquinia

The Barriera San Giusto is the former medieval entrance gate to Tarquinia. For most tourists it will be their introduction to the city, since the bus from the station stops directly in front of the Barriera. The tourist office of Tarquinia is located right above the gate.

Barriera San Giusto Tarquinia

Useful information

The address of the gate is Largo Barriera San Giusto, 1, 01016 Tarquinia. Right outside the gate is a bus stop for both buses to the city’s train station and intercity buses to Civitavecchia and other destinations. Here is also a (clean!) public toilet. The Belvedere immediately past the entrance is where the tourist office is located. The free city map that one can get here shows all the sights of Tarquinia.

History and description

Barriera San Giusto Tarquinia
Barriera San Giusto

The original name of the Barriera San Giusto was Porta Firenze. It had replaced another gate called Porta della Valle.

The present Barriera was designed in 1883, by C. Grispini.

It used to be protected by large iron gates, but these were removed in 1936.

The terrace with the beautiful view toward the sea dates back to the early 20th century.

Barriera San Giusto, Tarquinia