Basilica of Neptune Rome

Basilica of Neptune Rome

The Basilica of Neptune (Basilica di Nettuno) in Rome was built in the year 25 BC. It was constructed by Agrippa in the same period the Pantheon and other buildings like the baths and the Saepta were built. Remains of the basilica can be seen behind the Pantheon.

Basilica of Neptune Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via della Palombella – Rome. Opening hours and admission: The little that is left of the basilica can be seen from outside. Bus: 40,46, 62,63,64,70,81,87,116,116T,186, 492,628, 810; Tram: 8

History and description

The Basilica of Neptune was destroyed in the year 80 AD, but Emperor Hadrian had it reconstructed during his reign.

The basilica was a continuous source of building material and between the 13th and 16th centuries was often plundered. Pope Nicolas V had many of its ornaments moved to the Vatican itself and other parts of the basilica were used to build the Palazzo dell’Accademia Ecclesiastica.

One can only deduct the rectangular structure of the building from a number of 16th century drawings.

There is supposed to have been a statue of Neptune in the middle of the basilica, as well as a domed, semi-circular exedra. Four pillars stood on each side of the exedra, one of which was replaced in the last century.

Nowadays only the ruins of the Basilica di Nettuno can still be seen, behind the Pantheon.

Basilica di Nettuno, Roma

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