Beaches near Rome

There are several beaches near Rome, but the quality varies a lot and they are not always very easy to reach. Another problem is formed by the so-called stabilimenti that take up almost the entire coast line.  These “beach concessions” ensure that you can only access the best parts of most beaches if you rent overpriced beach chairs. Ostia Lido is the nearest one, but is incredibly crowded during the summer months. Sperlonga is very beautiful. The beaches at Anzio and Santa Marinella are close to the railway stations of those cities and therefore easier to reach.

Best Beaches near Rome

Beach at Sperlonga
The beach at Sperlonga is one of the cleanest ones near Rome.

Ostia Lido

The beach closest to Rome is the one at Ostia Lido. Unfortunately during the summer months, unless you are willing to travel a bit further down the coast, you will have to pay quite a bit in order to enjoy the beaches here since they are completely taken up by the stabilimenti. The stabilimenti charge you for the use of beach chairs and beach umbrellas. Especially in August (after the 15th) the Romans flock en masse to Ostia. A trip here can be combined with a visit to the ruins of the ancient Roman harbor of Ostia Antica.

Directions: Metro line B to Piramide and then the train to Ostia Lido. For the free beaches you have to take another bus.

Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella is a small town 60km north of Rome. The beaches here tend to be far less crowded than the ones at Ostia. Santa Marinella can be reached by train as well as by bus from Rome. The beach is only a short walk from the railway station. Apart from two ridiculously small spaces on each side, almost the entire beach is taken up by stabilimenti. Though Santa Marinella often gets good reviews, the money-grabbing vibe (50 cents for a glass of tap water) can put you off.

Public transport: Train from Termini.


Our favorite beaches are to be found at the city of Sperlonga, around 110km south of Rome. Not only are the beaches themselves cleaner and whiter than any other in the region of Lazio, the city of Sperlonga itself is also well worth a visit. Its town center is on a cliff overlooking the sea; all its buildings are white and the stairs going off in all directions make you feel as if you’ve landed in the middle of an Escher painting.

Directions: Sperlonga can be reached by taking a train to Fondi-Sperlonga and then a bus. Note that this bus is not very frequent on sundays.


The city of Anzio is mostly famous because it is here that the allies landed during World War II. The beach is definitely not amongst the most beautiful ones, but it is located near the city’s central station. The travel time is about one hour.

Directions: Train from Roma Termini, followed by a short walk.

More beaches Rome

Other relatively well-known beaches near Rome are the ones of Terracina and Fregene.

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