Belvedere della Sentinella Bracciano

There are several spots in Bracciano where you can enjoy a beautiful view, but the best and most famous one is the so-called Belvedere della Sentinella. From the bastion after which this place is named, the panorama includes Lake Bracciano, a good bit of countryside and the hills across the water. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the light and the clouds form mysterious reflections in the lake.

Belvedere della Sentinella Bracciano


Via della Sentinella, snc. – Bracciano.

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What to see

View from Bastione della Sentinella
The views from the Bastione can seem otherworldly.

The Bastione della Sentinella, together with the Piazza IV Novembre, is the main meeting place of the youth of Bracciano. It more or less forms the western edge of the historical center of the city. The streets Via del Pescino en Via della Arazzaria connect the two squares. The views, which include other lakeside villages like Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano, can be breathtaking.

Piazza della Sentinella

The top of the bastion has been turned into a square named Piazza della Sentinella. Anything obstructing the view has been removed. The square follows the irregular shape of the bastion itself.

Historical center

Via della Sentinella Bracciano
Houses lining the Via della Sentinella

The Via della Sentinella forms the eastern edge of the historical center. Between the houses facing the street, you can see the beginnings of several alleys leading up to the Cathedral and the Castle.

Nuova Sentinella

Nuova Sentinella, Bracciano
Nuova Sentinella

A second, smaller bastion, at the end of the Via della Sentinella, has also been turned into a vantage point. An enormous tree takes up central position on this bastion, which is known as the Nuova Sentinella.


The Bastione della Sentinella is part of the fortifications built towards the end of the 15th century, when the troops of Pope Alexander VI attacked Bracciano. The Pope was angry because the Orsini had betrayed him by choosing the side of Charles V of France against the Aragon Kingdom of Naples.

Belvedere della Sentinella, Bracciano

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