Best panoramic views in Rome

In Rome, a city famous for having been founded on seven hills, there cannot but be some incredible panoramic views. The most beautiful and romantic vantage point of the Eternal City is probably from the Janiculum (Gianicolo) Hill, west of the Trastevere district.

Best panoramic views in Rome


The Janiculum hill is located behind the entertainment district of Trastevere. You need to walk all the way up until you reach Piazza Garibaldi. The best time to do this is at dusk, when the center is beautifully lit up. After this, you can descend into picturesque Trastevere itself and enjoy wandering through the winding alleys before finding a welcoming trattoria.

Vittorio Emanuele Monument

Piazza Venezia Rome
Piazza Venezia seen from the Vittorio Emanuele Monument

There are several panoramic view points at the Vittorio Emanuele Monument. If you climb the steps to the entrance, you will have Piazza Venezia and the Tridente shopping district in front of you. From the cafe behind the building you have a view over the Roman Forum. If you are willing the pay for the panoramic lift you will see everything. According to some, you will have the added bonus of not having to look at the Vittoriano itself.

Piazza del Campidoglio

Walk up the Cordonata and pass under the arch on your right. Walk straight ahead and enter the small park on your right. You will be rewarded with a view of the church towers and domes of the historical center, with in the background the most impressive one of all, Saint Peter’s Dome. Best at dusk.


The Pincio hill is located on the edge of the Villa Borghese park. Go to the top of the Spanish Steps and turn left (facing the Trinità de Monti church). You will be rewarded with one beautiful view after another. From the Spanish Steps themselves you look straight into the Via Condotti, which is not a bad view either.

The Dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica

It’s a bit of a climb (there is not enough room to make an elevator all the way), but once you reach the top of the dome you can see very far in all directions. St. Peter’s Square from above and especially the Vatican Gardens are unforgettable.

Castel Sant’Angelo

From the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo one also has a magnificent view of Rome. Especially the view over the river Tiber and its bridges is magnificent. It also offers the best view of St. Peter’s Dome.

Monte Mario

The Monte Mario is located at the nort-western edge of the city center. It is the highest hill in the city and there is also a nature park, the Riserva Naturale di Monte Mario. Especially beuatiful in the evenings.


Frascati is located on a hill about 15 kilometers outside of Rome. Romans tend to go there during summer evenings to enjoy the food and the views from one of the many restaurants on the outskirts of the town.

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