Blera city guide

Blera is a small hill-top town in the province of Viterbo. It is located just south of the city of Vetralla.

All about Blera, city guide

Blera city guide

Tourist attractions Blera

  • In the Piazza Nova you can see the stump of an ancient tower and part of the ancient city walls. These walls were made of blocks of volcanic tuff stone.
  • The Civic Museum Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia is dedicated to the role of the horse in the Maremma region. It is named after the Swedish King who himself participated in archaeological excavations in the area.
  • Chiesa del Suffragio
  • The Palazzo Tornaforte is the seat of Blera’s town council and lies along the Via Roma.
  • The Palazzo del Barone used to belong to the Anguillara family. This palace was reconstructed during the second half of the 19th century after having been severely damaged during a rebellion against the Anguillara‘s.
  • The Collegiate Church of Maria Assunta in Cielo and San Vivenzio was built in 1538.

Tourist attractions outside Blera

  • In the suburb of Orto Silvano the necropolises of Ponton Grazioli, Terrone and Casetta can be seen. Keep you eyes open, because they are partly hidden from sight by vegetation.
  • Along the ancient road that used to lead to Rio Canale you can see arcosolia dug into the tuff stone walls.
  • The Ponte del Diavolo and the Ponte della Rocca are two ancient Roman bridges that can still be seen along the consular road that passed through the area, the Via Clodio.
  • In San Giovenale you can see the ruins of ancient Etruscan villages.

Blera, province of Viterbo, Lazio

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