Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia Naples

The Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia is one of the oldest and most characteristic neighborhoods of Naples. Its most famous part is the so-called Pallonetto di Santa Lucia, the part of the neighborhood characterized by its narrow alleys and steep staircases up to the historical center of the city. Officially the Borgo is part of the San Ferdinando district.

Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia Naples

History and description

Castel dell'Ovo and Borgo Marinara, Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia Naples
Castel dell’Ovo and Borgo Marinara

The Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia is named after the Santa Lucia a Mare Basilica.

The neighbourhood includes such important streets and squares as Via Chiatamone, Via Partenope, Via Cesario Console, the Via Santa Lucia itself and Piazza Vittoria.

The island of Megaride, with the Castel dell’Ovo and the old fishing village of Borgo Marinaro, is also part of the district.

What to see

The Pallonetto di Santa Lucia is a long, narrow and above all, steep set of stairs up the Monte Echia. It is one of the best examples of the typical Neapolitan chaos that can drive some visitors mad and is loved by others.

Along the Monte Echia you can also admire the ruins of the Villa of Licinio Locullo.

The Molosiglio Gardens are a public park located in the Via Acton, in the stretch of promenade between the Stazione Marittima and the seafront. The gardens were laid in the 1920’s.

The monument of Umberto I, made by Achille Orsi, looks out over the Bay of Naples. (Another monument that used to adorn the promenade, the Fontana di Santa Lucia, was moved to the Villa Comunale in 1898).

The Fountain of the Giant is still located along the coastline.

Borgo Antico di Santa Lucia, Naples

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