Viterbo outside the walls

Villa Lante (Viterbo outside the walls)

As in most Italian cities, the most important attractions of Viterbo are located within the city walls in the historical centre of the city. However, Viterbo also has a number of suburbs, of which especially San Martino al Cimino and Bagnaia have some wonderful attractions.

Attractions outside Viterbo’s city walls

Villa Lante (Viterbo outside the walls)
The Villa Lante in Bagnaia

The main attraction of the borough of Bagnaia is the Villa Lante, a huge garden with a number of fountains connected by terraces.

San Martino al Cimino is another municipality outside Viterbo. It was founded by Donna Olimpia. The main attractions of the hamlet, characterized by small, dark houses, are the Abbazia Cistercense and the Palazzo di Donna Olimpia. Many of the houses in the Borgo were built by ex-convicts from the Civitavecchia prison.

There are also a number of hot springs in the immediate vicinity of Viterbo. The Terme dei Papi (“Baths of the Popes”) and Bullicame are the most popular ones.

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