Ca’ Dario Venice

The Ca’ Dario or Palazzo Dario is located along the Grand Canal in Venice. It is one of the most beautiful buildings along the canal, but is best known for a curse that seems to afflict it.

Ca’ Dario Venice

Address, Opening Hours and Admission Price

The address of the Palazzo Dario (or Ca’ Dario) is Dorsoduro – Venice. Opening Hours: The Ca’ Dario is not open to the public. Entrance fee: N/A

History and description

Ca' Dario Venice
The Ca’ Dario is the building on the right.

The Palazzo Dario was built by order of Giovanni Dario. It was designed by Pietro Lombardi in 1479 and is decorated with different colors of marble.

The fairly lavish decorations and the fact that the palace is slightly askew have caused the Italian writer and war hero Gabriele d’Annunzio to sigh that it reminded him of an elderly prostitute.

However, the building owes its real fame to the seemingly endless list of people who used to live there and died in unexpected ways, starting with Giovanni’s daughter Marietta who died of a broken heart after her husband went bankrupt.

Ca' Dario Venice (rear)
The rear of the Palazzo Dario.

The next owner, a rich Armenian jeweler also died after going bankrupt. In the 19th century an Englishman suffered the same fate, after which both he and his fiancée both took their lives.

An American who lived there left for Mexico, where his fiancée committed suicide.

In 1970 the then owner was murdered by his lover, who subsequently met a violent end herself in London.

The manager of the rock band The Who bought the building and committed suicide a short time later.

The next proprietor was a businessman, who again went bankrupt and whose sister was subsequently found dead.

The list ends (for now, at least) with a businessman called Raul Gardini, who may or may not have committed suicide in 1993.

The Ca’ Dario is located next to the Palazzo Barbara Wolkoff.

Ca’ Dario Venetië

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