Calcografia Nazionale Rome

The Calcografia Nazionale (or Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica) is housed in the historic building Palazzo Poli on Via della Stamperia in Rome. The “National Institute of Graphic Design” has the largest collection of engravings in the world.

Calcografia Nazionale Rome

Useful information

The address is Via della Stamperia, 6, but the entrance is in Via Poli, 54. Unfortunately, the building cannot normally be visited by the general public.

History and description

Calcografia Nazionale Rome
Calcografia Nazionale

The organization has existed since 1738, but the building itself was designed by Valadier a century later.

The collection of the Calcografia is the largest in the world. There are works by both famous Italian (including Piranesi, who was famous for his Roman cityscapes, but especially for his series of 16 imaginary prisons) and foreign (e.g. Ingres) artists. However, the old copper plates are never used, nor are modern engravings produced.

An exhibition is organized only very rarely and in general the works of art can be viewed only by scholars.

Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica Rome

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