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The Campania ArteCard is a museum and public transportation pass for Naples (and surroundings). The card allows you free access to various attractions and events in the city and in the Campania region. The card is valid at a number of museums, excavations, underground tours and theater performances. Moreover, you can use the Unicocampania public transport system.

About Campania ArteCard (Naples museum pass

Is the Campania ArteCard useful?

Napoli Artecard Naples
Napoli ArteCard

There are different versions of the Campania ArteCard. Its usefulness depends on how long you stay in the area and what you want to visit. The card is valid at no less than 40 tourist attractions in Naples and 80 in the Campania region. The cheapest version is only valid in Naples itself.

An additional advantage is that you do not have to queue at the museums connected to the initiative.

Campania ArteCard options

The three-day card for Naples costs 21 Euros.

The Giovani-card ArteCard Napoli costs 12 Euro and is for people between 18 and 25 of age from EU countries. It is mandatory to show a valid ID upon request.

The 3-day card for Campania is 32 Euro.

The weekly card for all of Campania costs 34 Euro (25 Euro for young people between 18 and 25).

The annual card (Campania ArteCard 365) costs 43 Euro. For young people between 18 and 25 this is only 33 Euro.

The card starts from the moment it is used for the first time and can only be used by its holder.

Useful Information Campania ArteCard

For information you can call: 800 600 601 (from within Italy) or +39 0639967650 (with a cell phone or from outside Italy). The e-mail address is:

The Campania ArteCard can be purchased at the museums and other attractions affiliated with the initiative. It can also be purchased at the Campania Artecard Infopoint in Naples Central Station. You can also call the phone numbers above.

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