Campo de’ Fiori Rome

Especially at night-time, when the Campo de’ Fiori turns into one of the liveliest squares in Rome, it is hard to imagine that this beautiful, crowded square started its existence as a simple meadow. In the mornings the square hosts a weekday market.

Campo de’ Fiori Rome

History and description

Campo de' Fiori Market Rome
Campo de’ Fiori Market

The Campo de’ Fiori is located close to the river Tiber, in one of Rome‘s most beautiful and picturesque districts, and is the backdrop of one of Rome’s most interesting weekday markets (which used to be held in nearby Piazza Navona).

The name, “Field of Flowers”, is a reminder of its origins as a pasture where animals used to graze. This lasted until 1440, when the area was paved.

From then on it became a spot where pilgrims found hospitality in inns and hotels, a characteristic which has not changed much over the years. Campo de’ Fiori nowadays is still a square lined by restaurants and pubs of all kinds.

Giordano Bruno, Campo de Fiori Rome
Giordano Bruno

The statue in the center of the square depicts Giordano Bruno, a philosopher who was sent to the stake in the year 1600 because of his heretic ideas. Note that he is placed in such a way that he is looking directly towards the Vatican City.

Unfortunately nowadays the Campo has become the last stop of many of the pub crawls organized in Rome, and drunken youths screaming and fighting may ruin the atmosphere.

Campo de’ Fiori Market

The daily market at the Campo de’ Fiori (7 AM till 2 PM, except Sundays) is one of the oldest ones in Rome. Its official name is Mercato Regionale Regola, even though the square is not in the Regola, but in the Parione district.

Public transport

The nearest bus stop is Corso Vittorio Emanuele/Navona (46, 62, 64, 916, 916F, N5, N15, N20).

Campo de’ Fiori – Rome

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