Campobasso travel guide

Campobasso is both the capital of the province of the same name and of the regione Molise. The historical center of the city is situated on a 700 meter high hill. The main attraction of the city is the Castello Monforte, towering over the center.

Campobasso travel guide

Useful information

Castello Monforte Campobasso
Castello Monforte

Tourist information: Ente Provinciale per il Turismo Campobasso – Piazza della Vittoria, 14 – 86100 Campobasso (Tel. +39 0874 415663).

Town hall: Palazzo San Giorgio – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 29 – 86100 Campobasso.

Railway station: The train station is situated in the center of Campobasso, in the Piazza Vincenzo Cuoco. There are direct trains to Rome, Naples, Caserta, Termoli and Isernia.

Nearest airport: Pescara.

Tourist attractions

The most important tourist attractions are the Castle of Monforte and the Santa Maria del Monte Church in front of it. This church used to be used as a burial ground by the former feudal lords of Campobasso.

The San Giorgio Church was constructed on top of a pagan temple.

The Palazzo Municipale is the town hall of the city.

A brief history of Campobasso

Campobasso was founded during the Lombard period. The oldest document referring to the city is in a document written in 858 by the Prince of Benevento.

It may seem strange that, although the city center is located on a hill, it is called Campobasso (“Low Field”). This is probably because it was named by the feudal lords who were living in the castle, which was even higher up on the same hill.

The first feudal lords were the counts of Baiano, who were succeeded by the Monforte in the early 14th century.

It was only in the beginning of the 19th century, under pressure from Gioacchino Murat, that the city started extending beyond the protective walls.