Camporgiano travel guide

Camporgiano is a village of just over two thousand inhabitants in the province of Lucca. It is located on the edge of the Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane. The main attraction is the old castle of the town.

Camporgiano travel guide

Tourist information

There is no tourist information office in Camporgiano. The address of the town hall is Piazza Roma, 1 (tel: +39 0583 618888).

There is a direct bus connection to the provincial capital of Lucca.

What to see

Museo Civico

Within the Rocca Estense di Camporgiano there is a Museo di Ceramiche Rinascimentali (“Museum of Renaissance Ceramics”).

Castruccio Castracani Fortress

Castle Camporgiano

Castruccio Castracani was a general who succeeded in seizing control of the area for Lucca in the early 14th century. The fortress named after him was built in the same century. Even after his death, when the empire disintegrated, it remained the headquarters of successive rulers of the area. The more or less square fort has two round towers. Above the only entrance there is a weathercock. Defenses on the walls are supported by well-preserved corbels. Unfortunately, the fortress is private property. The original medieval interior has been completely replaced.

More attractions

Some remains of ancient Roman settlements can still be found on the city’s territory.

The main church in the town itself is the San Iacopo Church.

Attractions suburbs Camporgnano

  • Santa Maria Assunta Church in Puglianella
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church in Vitoio
  • San Biagio Church in Poggio

Festival Camporgiano

On December 24, an immense bonfire of branches of evergreens is set off to the accompaniment of bells from the San Giacomo Church.


Camporgiano used to be called Camporeggiano.

Getting to Camporgiano by car

Follow the A11 Firenze-Mare and turn off at Lucca. From here continue on the SS12 and then the SS435 to Castelnuovo. From here there are signs for Camporgiano.

Camporgiamo, Province of Lucca