Camporosso (province of Imperia)

Camporosso is a city of slightly more than 5000 inhabitants in the province of Imperia (regione Liguria). It is the most populous city in an area that is known as the Val Nervia.

Camporosso (Province of Imperia)

Useful information

ZIP Code: 18033. Phone: (+39) 0184. There is no tourist office in the city.

Tourist attractions

Camporosso only has a very small beach. Its most important tourist attractions are the San Marco Church and the 11th century San Pietro Church, which is graced with 15th century frescoes. Other sights are the Sant’Andrea Church and the Nostra Signora della Neve (“Our Lady of the Snow” Church.

Sant’Andrea Church

The Sant’Andrea Church was built in the 15th century. A first restoration took place between 1505 and 1518. In the 18th century it was again restructured. The works of art in this church include three polyptichs. Pupils of Ludovico Brea painted the “Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”, Agostino Casanova was responsible for the “Madonna with the saints Giuliano and Bernardo” and Stefano Adrechi painted the “Saints Peter, Paul and other saints”.

Oratorio dell’Annunziata

The Oratorio dell’Annunziata is located in the Piazza Garibaldi. It has a striking double staircase with a balustrade.

San Pietro Church

The right side, apse and bell-tower of the San Pietro Church were built in the 11th century. The frescoes in this church date back to the 15th and 16th century.

Nature Reserve “Oasis of Nervia”

Oasis of Nervia Camporosso
Oasis of Nervia

Camporosso shares the Nature Reserve “Oasis of Nervia” with neighboring Ventimiglia, the Nervia being the river dividing the two municipalities. There are 160 species of plants and 140 different kinds of birds that can be seen at the mouth of the river.


Camporosso was already inhabited in ancient times, as can be deduced from the Roman memorial stone incorporated in the facade of the Sant’Andrea Church.

The castle that defended the city in the middle ages does not exist anymore.

For most of its history, Camporosso has been subjected to the reign of the Republic of Genoa. This became definitive in 1686.

In the early 19th century it was positioned on the dividing line between the competing armies. Initially Camporosso was occupied by the Austrian-Sardinian army and the by the French troops.

After Napoleon‘s fall and the congress of Vienna in 1815, Camporosso became part of the kingdom of Savoy.

In the 20th century, thanks to its relatively flat and easily cultivable land, there has been a steady growth in the number of inhabitants.


The name Camporosso (“Red Field”) probably refers to either the kind of earth in the area or the reddish oleanders that grow in the Valle di Nervia.

Camporosso, province of Imperia

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