Canepina City Guide


Canepina is a small town located near the provincial capital of Viterbo. Its main attractions are the Anguillara Castle and the Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria.

Canepina city guide

Tourist information

The ZIP code of the town is 01030 and the area code is 0761. The address of Canepina‘s town hall is Piazza Garibaldi n° 23 (tel. +39 0761750990).

By car/public transport to Canepina

Castello Anguillara Canepina
Castello Anguillara

By car from Viterbo: Follow the SP1, which after a while turns into the SP25.

By car from Rome: Follow the SS2bis in northern direction. After a while it changes into the SR2. From just above Monterosi follow the SP1 to Ronciglione and then the SP35 to Fabrica di Roma and the SP65 to Cornacchiola and then Canepina.

Public transport from Viterbo: There is a direct bus connection (Cotral) with the capital of the province.

Public transport from Rome: First take a train to Orte and then a (not very frequent) Cotral bus to Canepina.

A brief history of Canepina

The name of the town derives from the processing of hemp (canapa), which used to be an important industry in the area, and was first used in an official document in 1093. As archaeological finds evidence, there were already settlements in Etruscan times. The historical center dates back to the Middle Ages and in the course of the centuries Canepina was property of, among others, the Di Vico family and by Pope Paul III Farnese, who would gift it to his son Pier Luigi. The city walls were restored in 1487.

Tourist attractions Canepina

The main tourist attractions are the Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria and the castle built in the 11th century by the Di Vico family, but called Castello Anguillara. Other churches are the Santa Corona Church, the San Giovanni Church, the San Giovenale Church and the Santa Maria del Fossatello Church.

Canepina, province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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