Capodimonte City Guide


Capodimonte is a small town on the south-west side of Lake Bolsena in the province of Viterbo. The old historical center is very small and most of the tourists who visit the town in the summer prefer the more modern, lower part at the edge of the lake.

Capodimonte City Guide

Tourist information

The address of the town hall is Piazza della Rocca, 4 – 01010 Capodimonte (tel. +39 0761870043). The ZIP code is 01010 and the area code is 0761.

By car/public transport

By car from Rome: Take the SR2 to Fiera di Viterbo (just north of Viterbo itself) and then the SP8.

By car from Viterbo: SR2 to Fiera di Viterbo and then SP8.

Public transport from Rome: Take the train to Viterbo and then a Cotral bus to Capodimonte.

Public transport from Viterbo: There is a direct bus connection from Riella-Piazza G. Bruno in Viterbo.

A brief history of Capodimonte


Already in the Stone Age people were living at the site where Capodimonte is located. This is evidenced by archaeological findings of, among others, large wooden boats carved from one tree. Also from the Etruscan and Roman times, much has been found during excavations, especially where the settlement of Visentum used to be located, on Monte Bisenzo. The current town has just under 2000 inhabitants.

Tourist attractions Capodimonte

The principal attraction of the town is its octagonal fortress, restored between 1510 and 1513 by Antonio Sangallo the Younger. On the Isola Bisentina, a small island in the lake, there are the Santi Giacomo and Cristoforo Church designed by Vignola and an octagonal sanctuary built by Sangallo the Younger.

Capodimonte, province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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