Cappella dei Re Magi Rome (Chapel of the Three Wise Men)

The Cappella dei Re Magi is a church inside the Palazzo di Propaganda Fide in the historical center of Rome. The Re Magi are the Biblical “Three Kings” or “Three wise men” who brought gifts to the newborn Jesus.

Cappella dei Re Magi Rome

Useful information

Museum of Propaganda Fide
Palazzo di Propaganda Fide

Address: Via di Propaganda, 1 – Roma. Phone: +39 06 69880266.

History and Description

Interior Cappella dei Re Magi Rome

Although Borromini was apponted architect of the Collegio di Propaganda Fide as early as 1646, ,construction of the church behind the west fa├žade of the palace, only started in 1662.

Two years later the church was completed except for the decorations, which were added in the following two years.

Initially Borromini wanted to keep the design of the oval church designed by Bernini in 1634, but when it was decided to enlarge the church he preferred to stick to a simpler construction.

What is most striking is that there are hardly any walls in the church, as the whole is supported by several rows of pillars.

Cappella dei Re Magi, what to see

Chapel 1 right: Carlo Pellegrini’s “The Conversion of Saint Paul” (1635).

Altar: “Adoration of the Magi” by Giacinto Gimignani (1634).

Altar: “Mission of the Apostles” by Lazzaro Baldi.

Chapel of the Three Wise Men

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