Cappuccini Convento Amalfi (Anantara Grand Hotel)

The Convento dei Cappuccini of Amalfi started its existence as a medieval monastery. In the 16th century, it came into the hands of the Capuchin monks and later became a hotel. It was a very popular place to stay for travelers doing the so-called Grand Tour. Having been closed for a long time, it has again been transformed into a hotel.

Cappuccini Convento Amalfi

History and description

The Convento di San Pietro della Canonica, as the monastery was originally called, was founded in the 13th century. The Capuchin Order took possession of the convent in 1583.

After its transformation into a hotel, it became a favorite amongst wealthier travelers. Among the famous people who stayed in the hotel were Richard Wagner and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The latter even wrote a poem about the hotel.

Before the first hotel was closed, one of its amenities was a lift taking its guests directly to the beach.

What to see

The biggest attraction of the convent is its 13th century cloister.

Anantara Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Anatara, Cappuccini Convento Amalfi
Grand Hotel Anantara

The convent has now been completely restored and transformed into the Anantara Grand Hotel. Most of its luxury rooms and suites offer beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Useful information

Address: SS163, 8 – 84011 Amalfi. Phone: +39 089 8736711.

Cappuccini Convento, Amalfi

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