Capuchin Convent Frascati and Ethiopian Museum

The Capuchin convent of Frascati is located on a hilltop outside the historical center of the city. Although the climb is fairly steep, it also quite beautiful, sinc eyou are walking along the side of the most famous building in the city, the Villa Aldobrandini. A small Ethiopian Museum is connected to the convent.

Capuchin Convent Frascati

Useful information

Path to the Capuchin convent Frascati
Path to the Capuchin convent

Address: Via Cardinal Massaia, 26 – 00044 Frascati. Phone: +39 06 94010439. Admission: Free.

History and curiosities

Church Capuchin Complex

The Convent of the Capuchins of Frascati was constructed in 1575. Gregory XIII was Pope at the time. Construction coincided with that of the many papal villas that were built outside the city center.

The Pope had the ground hebind the convent leveled in order to create a vegetable garden.

In 1807, a small oratory was added to the convent.

During the course of the 20th century, more buildings were added to the complex, that is also being used for training the Friars.

Ethiopian Museum

The Ethiopian Museum was opened in 1909. The collection consists of objects belonging to Cardinal Massaia, who used to live in the convent.

Capuchin Convent, Frascati

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