Carbognano City Guide

Carbognano city guide

Carbognano is a small hill town in the Monti Cimini and is just over 20 kilometres from Viterbo. The population is around 2000 and its main attraction for tourists is the Farnese Castle.

Carbognano city guide

Tourist information

The address of the Carbognano town hall is Piazza Castello, 18 (tel. +39 076161401). The ZIP code is 01030 and the area code is 0761.

Carbognano city guide

By car/public transportation

Public transport from Rome: There are direct buses (Cotral) from Saxa Rubra.

Public transport from Viterbo: There are direct buses (Cotral) from Riello/Piazza G. Bruno.

By car from Rome: Take the SR2 to Capranica and then the SP35.

By car from Viterbo: follow the SP1 until San Rocco and then turn off at the Carbognano exit.


Carbognano, like all towns in the area, is of Etruscan origin. The name probably derives from the carbonaie (a local word for temporary constructions used to make charcoal) in the area. Another hypothesis claims that the town was named after a rich family called Carbone, which owned many estates in the area.

Around the 11th century, the city belonged to the Abbey of Farfa. In the later Middle Ages, the fiefdoms of the town were constantly changing. Later, Pope Pius II first gave Carbognano to Count Cristoforo di Carbognano and then to Pietro Paolo Nardini.

Later still, Pope Alexander VI gifted the city to his mistress Giulia Farnese, who had a number of works carried out to improve its infrastructure.

Tourist attraction Carbognano

The main sight in Carbognano is the Castello Farnese.

Giulia Farnese was responsible for several improvements in the infrastructure of the village and also for the construction of some interesting buildings, such as the Palazzo Baronale and the Santa Maria della Concezione Church.

The San Filippo Neri Church dates back to 1636.

The San Pietro Church was built in 1780 on an already existing structure.

In the Madonna della Valle Church, which is located in the cemetery, are frescoes by Il Pastura.

Carbognano, Province of Viterbo, Latium, Italy

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